By the Cross (Live)

Альбом: spark. (Live)
Артист: Red Rocks Worship12353
  Eb                     Ab  Eb
Long my soul has waited for you
   Eb                      Bb
bound by sin and nature's night
      Cm            Ab          Eb
But in the secret I will find you
    Cm   Bb           Eb
a mighty ray of holy light

Eb                           Ab   Eb
Oh these chains were sweetly broken
 Eb                        Bb
Bound by shame you set me free
Cm                        Ab   Eb
Perfect love my fear was stolen
      Cm       Bb           Eb
When Thou, my Jesus died for me

        Ab              Eb
By the cross of Jesus Christ
               Ab                     Eb
Every sin was bought at the highest price
                Ab            Bb Cm
Every fear was lost every sin erased
                     Ab       Bb       Eb
When Jesus took the cross He took my place

 Eb                  Ab    Eb
All my heart I lay before Thee
    Eb                        Bb
To sound the depths of love divine
   Cm                     Ab     Eb
So free so infinite, your glory
     Cm            Ab    Eb
That I am His and He is mine

               Ab                 Eb
Then sings my soul then cries my heart
               Ab               Bb
Till kingdom come till heavens part
          Cm       Bb/D     Cm
Till he returns or calls me home
                 Ab        Bb     Eb  
I'll praise the name of Christ alone


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