Christmas Through The Years

Альбом: We Need Christmas
Артист: Matthew West12010
Pictures in frames tell the story of us
Mistletoe kiss, two young kids so in love
Now we look back and smile at Christmas through the years
Blink of an eye and the next thing you know
Those two young kids had some kids 
of their own Jumping in the bed, wake up, 
mom and dad Christmas day 
is here One chapter ends and a new one begins

It’s growing up and staying young
It's laughing with the ones we love
In a world where nothing stays the same
It’s finding some things never change
It’s making brand new mеmories
And all the while rеmembering the ones we miss
And wish were still right here
It’s Christmas through the years

The whole family’s here hanging lights on the tree
The family the presents the lights on the tree
There’s no place like home with the whole family
The house feels like home with the whole family
A sight Grandma west would’ve sure loved to see
Bet she’s looking down
Saying make ‘em count Christmas through the years

Repeat Chorus:

We can’t make the clock slow down
But we got Christmas here right now
Let’s soak it up

And thank the lord for another one

Repeat Chorus:
Let’s hold on to this
Before it disappears
Like Christmas through the years


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