Draw Me Close to You

Альбом: Seek First: Songs for Devotion
Артист: LIFE Worship23027
C   F/C   C    F/C
C                F/C
Draw me close to you
G/C                   C
Never let me go
G/H             F/A
I lay it all down again
Am                              F
To hear you say that I'm your friend
C                  F/C
You are my desire
G/C                 C
No one else will do
G/H                             F/A
Cause nothing else could take your place
Am              Am/G           F
To feel the warmth of your embrace
C/G               F/G       G            C              F/C   G
Help me find the way,     bring me back to you

C      G/C      F/C
You're all I want
C      G/H        F/A   G
You're all I've ever needed
C      G/C      F/C
You're all I want
Dm               G               C
Help me know you are near


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