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For the One

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Let me be filled
      G         A                     D
With kindness and compassion for the one
    G               A/C#                   Hm
The one for whom you   loved and gave your son
    G          A         D
For humanity increase my love

           G              A             D
Help me to love with open arms like you do
            G               A                    D
A love that erases all the lines and sees the truth
              G               A                 Hm
Oh that when they look in my eyes they would see You
                G                A                 D
Even in just a smile they would feel the Father’s love

Verse 2:
Oh how you love us
           G                 A             D
From the homeless to the famous and in-between
     G            A/C#               Hm
You formed us, You   made us carefully
       D/F#     G       A               D
‘Cause    in the end, we’re all your children

    A           D/F#                G
Let all my life   tell of who you are
         A            D/F#              G
And the wonder of Your    never-ending love
    A          D/F#                G
Let all my life   tell of who you are
         A           D/F#             G
You’re wonderful and    such a good Father.
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