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Here Is Love

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         F                 Bb
here is love, vast as the ocean
        F               C
loving kindness as the flood
           F                  Bb
When the prince of life, our ransom
         F        C       F
shed for us his precious blood

         F             C
who his love will not remem-ber
         Gm                 F
who can cease to sing his praise?
         Dm         Bb
he will never be forgotten
            F       C       F
throughout heavens eternal days

 F    Bb     C/E    F

Verse 2:
        F          Bb
on the mount of crucifixion
             F             C
fountains opened deep and wide
              F                 Bb
through the floodgates of God\'s mercy
          F         C       F
flowed a vast and gracious tide

Chorus 2:
           F                C
grace and love like mighty rivers
           Gm           F
poured incessant from above
             Dm               Bb
and heavens peace and perfect justice
           F          C   F
kissed a guilty world in love
       F               Bb
Let me all Thy love accepting
           F            C
Love Thee, ever all my days
         F              Bb
Let me seek Thy kingdom only
        F      C        F
And my life be to Thy praise

Chorus 3:
       F                C
Thou alone shall be my glory
        Gm              F
Nothing in the world I see
           Dm                    Bb
Thou has cleansed and sanctified me
          F        C     F
Thou Thyself hast set me free     

 F                         Bb    
No love is higher, no love is wider
 C/E                     F
No love deeper, no love is truer
No love is higher, no love is wider
No love is like Your love, O Lord 
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