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Hm  D  Em  G

Hm                             D
Holy, Lord God Almighty,
                Em                   G
You’re the only One above all the earth
Hm                       D
And none is higher than You are,
                   Em                    G
Forever mighty, exalted is Your throne.

                D                                      F#m
You are lifted up high in Your Kingdom of light,
             Hm                             G
All the power belongs to Eternal Lord.
             D                                      F#m
I will worship you God with a wide open heart,
          Hm                                          G
I will sing a new song so You’re lifted high up above.

Verse 2:
Holy, You’re only worthy
Of all the honor, glory and praise,
So great, highly exalted,
Mighty Creator of sky and land.

Let Your name be praised and glorified, Lord.

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