Holy Lamb of God

Артист: Don Moen14413
Hm  Em  Hm  Em
Hm  Hm 
Hm                           A
A virgin cried when You were born
F#m                       G
Tears of joy and tears of pain
         Em                        F#m         Hm
As Heaven's angels watched in wonder
   Hm                           A
How could You, the Ancient One
 F#m                    G
In the frame of man be bound
Em                       F#m         G
Lying there with feet and hands
Em                  F#m     Hm
Fully God and fully Man

Hm  Em  Hm  Em

Verse 2:
Who could see and who could know
You had left Your Kingdom's Throne
Baby crying in a manger?
You had come to give Your life
As a holy sacrifice
Nails would pierce your feet and hands
For every heart and every man

D          Em           Hm              G     A
Holy Lamb of God, how we love You
      D               Em      Hm                 G     A        
Shepherd of our hearts, how we praise You
   D/F#                   G                    Hm             A/C#         
We were blind and lost, but You came to rescue us
                 D/F#          F#m              Hm
And we thank You, Holy Lamb of God

Hm  Em  Hm  Em

Verse 3:
Now You are the risen One
All You came to do You've done
On this Christmas, we remember
How Love came down to set us free
From our sin and from our fear
Lord of all we bow our hearts
To the wonder that You are

And we thank You Holy Lamb of God
Yes, we thank You Holy Lamb of God

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