Isaiah 6 (Here am I Send Me)

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Dm   C   Am   Bb

Dm              C
There are roads that are still untouched
Am               Bb
That have yet to receive Your love
Dm               C
And all creation is crying out
Am      Bb
For the cross

Verse 2:
Dm               C
Their are hearts that have yet to see
Am                  Bb
the power of Christ that has set them free
Dm                  C
For such a love you have sent Your Son
Am             Bb
To save what’s lost

Pre -Chorus:
Dm  C   Am   Bb
So Who will go? (repeat)

Verse 3:
Dm            C
Now your eyes run to and fro
Am               Bb
To find the ones who will rise and go
Dm              C
To any distance far or wide
Am           Bb
To take your heart

Verse 4:
Dm                  C
With burning hearts we will take this task
Am                 Bb
And give our lives for what you asked
Dm                     C
The calls gone out and we must respond
Am      Bb
To Your voice

F       Gm         Dm
Oh God! Here am I, send Me
Use me for Your Glory
F/A     Bb          Dm
Oh God, Here am I, send me
Pick me up and write your story

F               Gm
And we will go till the whole world knows
Dm            C
That Jesus is alive
F/A             Bb
And we will run burning with Your love
Dm           C
With fire in our eyes

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