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Loving My Jesus

Артист: Casting Crowns
Прослушали: 214Скачали: 117

           H              D#m 
I was a wandering soul travelling a well worn road 
            E   Esus   E              H       F# 
A sinner so far from home no second chance in sight 
            G#m            D#m 
I heard you call my name I felt you lift my shame
              E  Esus  E                     H          F# 
And I made a vow that day that I’d spend the rest of my life 

                    E                                  H 
Loving my Jesus, Showing my scars 
           G#m                                           F# 
Telling my story of how mercy can reach you where you are 
              E                             G#m
I pray the whole world hears the cry of my heart 
                  C#m H/D# E            H
Is to see all the ones I love loving my Jesus 

Verse 2:
Sin tries to make you hide whispers that same old lie 
Keep all your pain inside cause no one will understand 
The last thing this lost world needs Is someone I’m trying to be 
The truth that has set me free is that I’m just a broken man 

Verse 3:
When all is said and done when my last song's been sung
I stand face to face with the One who gave all for me
May all I have to show be all that mattered most
Making Your great name known let this be my only legacy
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