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Make Me a River

Артист: Casting Crowns
Прослушали: 222Скачали: 115

         Fm            Ab    Db          Bbm
In the morning when I rise, Jesus be my eyes
  Fm                  Ab        Db               Bbm
Before the day rushes in, with You is where I begin
        Fm                     Ab
As you sing over me with Your love
        Db                            Bbm
I will sing praise for all You have done
         Fm                   Ab
Fill my heart as I hunger for You
         Db                           Bbm
Fill my mind with Your wisdom, Your mercy, Your truth

  Ab                Fm
Father, make me a river
               Eb                 Db
Come, Living Water, flow through me
 Ab                       Fm
You are the One that I thirst for
                  Eb                 Db
So come, Living Water, flow through me

Verse 2:
 Fm                          Ab              Db                                Bbm
Guide every step I take, Lord,let me not wander away
             Fm                         Ab                       Db                               Bbm
Father, fill every word I speak with the same grace that You’ve given me
                   Fm                                                  Ab
Touch the world with my hands, they are Yours
                         Db                                Bbm
Let my love show the lost that You are the Lord

Make me a river,  Make me a river
               Fm Eb  Db                 Fm Eb  Db
Let the river flow,               Let the river flow

               Ab     Fm
Let the river flow
               Eb     Db
Let the river flow
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