My Hope Is in The Blood

Артист: Philippa Hanna
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My hope is in the blood
The life to which I cling
When enemies surround
When I don't feel a thing
You're always with me
It speaks on my behalf
When I can't even pray
It's never lost a fight
It dives into the fray
You're always for me

The power of your grace
Love so unrestrained
Taking back what's lost
And trading in my shame
There is no weight of sin
To rival what you've done
You paid it on the cross
My hope is in the blood

Verse 2:
So even in my guilt
You make me justified
I'll praise you from the depths
You're here time after time
You're always with me
For you so loved the world
You gave your only son
Now this I know for sure
No matter what I've done
You're always for me

Your name is restoration
This is your reputation
Reviving what I've written off
Your heart is always for me
And that is never changing
Your victory can't be undone

My hope is in the cross
My hope is in the blood

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