Альбом: Hold My Heart
Артист: Debora Sita
Прослушали: 238Скачали: 65
A thousand different storms
Still I know you meet
Me in all of them
Chase away my fears
A thousand question marks
The waiting in the dark
But you’re waiting by my side
Until morning light

You are good
You are for me
Nothing I face could ever keep me from
Your love
Come what may
I still know that
I am your child and I’ll trust in the mystery
You hold

Verse 2:
A thousand times and more
Let your peace fill my soul
The wars waging within
Calm down when you speak still
A thousand times I’ve sung
But I will sing again
That you have overcome
You’re my victory

Oh come highs or lows
I know you‘re with me
You‘re greater than the sum of all I see
So I‘m letting go
Trust in your mystery
Don‘t need to understand to still believe

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