O Holy Night (feat. CeCe Winans)

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G  G2    G
G  G2    G
G           G
O holy night! 
       C/G                      G        G
The stars are brightly shin-ing
It is the night 
            G/D   D          G       G
Of our dear Savior's birth  
G                    G
Long lay the  world 
   C/G                  G        G
In sin and error  pining 
Till He appeared 
               F#               Hm    Hm
And the soul felt its worth  
   D        G/D  D
A thrill of hope
        G                      C/G  G
The weary world rejoices
       D      G/D  D/C
For yon-der breaks
   G             C/G         G      D/F#
A new and glorious morn 
Em7  Em7      Hm7   Hm7
Fall  on your knees 
    Am7   Am7        Em7  Em7  D/F#
O hear  the angel voic-es 
   G         D   G/H  C
O night  divine 
   G         D
O night  when Christ was born
G  G2    G
G  G2    G
Verse 2: 
G               G
Truly He taught us
     C/G              G    G
To love one anoth-er
His law is love 
               G/D   D    G     C/G  D/G  C/G
And His gos-pel is peace  
G                        G/H
Chains shall He break 
             C                 G         G
For the slave is our broth-er
And in His name 
            F#7               Hm     Hm
All oppression shall cease  
           D            G/D   D
Sweet hymns of joy 
    G                       C/G    G
In grateful chorus raise we
      D   G/D   D/C
Let all with-in us
G               C/G   G       D/F#
Praise His holy name  

Em7    Em7    Hm7  Hm7
Christ  is the Lord 
   Am7     Am7            Em  Em  D/F#
O praise  His name forev-  er 
       G       D       G/H   C
His pow-er and glo-ry
       G   Dsus             G     C/G  G
Forev - ermore proclaim 
      D       D/C     G/H   C
His pow-er and glo-ry
       G/D  Dsus          G    C/G  G
Forev - ermore proclaim 
               D    D/C
God with us  
      G/H     C
Emman - uel
     G/H   D                G   D/G  C/G   G
O night,  O night divine 

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