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One Thirst

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Bb               Eb              Bb
You say to us, Seek My Face
                  Eb                         Gm      Eb
Our hearts reply, Your Face we seek
Bb                      Eb                       Bb
Come teach us Lord, reveal Your ways,
                    Eb                     Gm       Eb
Anoint us for, the greater things

Bb                     Eb
We have gathered with one thirst and hunger
Bb                  Eb
Here to drink of glory and wonder
Gm                      Eb                       Gm     Eb
Here to cry out, come and fill this place
                             Gm    Eb
come and fill this place

Verse 2:
Bb              Eb                      Bb
Our single wish, our sole desire
                  Eb                       Gm    Eb
To gaze upon, Your beauty God 
We will not rest, nor will we cease
Till with our eyes, Your face we see
We see

Bb                   Eb                     
We wait for you to come and show
Gm/D                Eb
Your glory here today

                  Bb  F Gm/D Eb
We wait for you

Hallelujah, Come 
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