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Магазин Христианской одежды Cloth
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Ты — мой Целитель (англ. версия)

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              G                          C
There was a time when I was blind
          D                                 G   D
You came and opened my eyes
           G               C
And now I see now I breathe
            D                         G   D
The breath of Your Holy Life

Em  D/F#  G             C
There is none like You, Lord
Em  D/F#  G              C
There is none like You

                        C                              G
You are my Healer You are Redeemer
                         D                                 G
You’ve conquered my heart and saved my soul
                        C                                 G
I’m gonna praise You for every moment
                 D                                   G
I can be with You, my God of Hope

            G                      C
There used to be a lot of pain
            D                            G            D
And my soul suffered without you
           G                       C
You took away my weakness
        D                   G               D
My life is filled with your truth

   C                   Em        D
Death is overcome we declare your name
C                   Em                 D
I have the triumph in Thee
   C                              Em    D
By the wound of Christ Healed forevermore
           C                  Em          D
Your Kingdom dwells in me
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