We Cry Out

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G     G/C     Em     Dsus4  D

G                      Em7
Father of life, seated on Your throne of grace
     C2                        Dsus4   D
It's only by Your mercy we are saved
G                           Em7
Lord, You have said, if we call upon Your name
C2                        Dsus4    D
We and our fam'lies will be saved.

                       G         D/F#
    So we (2. We will) cry out Your name:
           Am          Em7
    El Shaddai, God of grace,
    C          G/H     Dsus4   D
    Lord most high, Jesus Christ
         G       D/F#
    We rely on Your grace
       Am              Em
    Adonai, crowned in praise
        C        Dsus4   D      G   G/C    Em   Dsus4  D
    1. Lord most high,      Jesus Christ [to v.2]
        C         Dsus4  D      G   D
    2. Lord most high,      Jesus Christ. So we.... [Chorus repeat]
        C         Dsus4  D      G   G/C   Em   Dsus4  D   G
    3. Lord most high,      Jesus Christ

Verse 2:
G                       Em7
Father of love, never failing to forgive
     C2                           Dsus4   D
Each moment is a gift from You to live
G                             Em7
We're only here to tell the world about Your grace
  C2                           Dsus4     D
Until the day You take us all away.      We will....

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