We Stand (feat. Chris Quilala)

Артист: Jesus Culture
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D                                     E       A/C#            D    E    A/C# 
Father, we're gathered here to seek Your face.
D                               E                A/C#       D    E    A/C#
We wait upon You now. Come have Your way.
F#m                              E       A/C#       D    E    A/C#
You are the glorious one, the Lord of all.
D                                E        A/C#        D    E    A/C#
Worthy of endless praise, our hearts proclaim.

A                                         D        E
We stand before You in awe and wonder.
A                                           D           E
With lifted hands and our hearts surrendered.
F#m                                           D             E
We give You praise, give You glory and honor.
D                       E
To You be the glory.

D    A            F#m     E           D
     Lift up one voice. Join in one song.
     A          F#m     E         D    
     Honor and praise unto Your name.  

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