Worthy of Your Name (feat. Sean Curran) [REIMAGINED LØ Remix]

Артист: Passion, Sean Curran25447
Rumors of the son of man Stories of a savior
Holiness with human hands treasure for the traitor
No ear had heard, no eye had seen the image of the father
Til heaven came to live with me a rescue like no other
You are worthy
You are worthy of your name
You are worthy
You are worthy of your name Jesus!
You did not speak you made no sound 
You died for your accusers
But as your blood fell to the ground 
You redefined my future
And on the day when you arose 
the darkness ran for cover
For the king of kings has claimed 
his throne now until forever!
You're my author, my maker, my ransom, my savior,
My refuge, my hiding place,
You're my helper, my healer, my blessed redeemer,
My answer, my saving grace,
You're my hope in the shadows, my strength in the battle,
My anchor for all my days,
You stand by my side, and you stood in my place;
Jesus, no other name!
Jesus, no other name!


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