Your Grace Is Enough

Артист: Worship Together
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A                  A/C#                        D2
Great is Your faithfulness Oh God 
F#m7                 E                           D2
You wrestle with the sinner's heart 
A                        A/C#                        D2
You lead me by still waters into mercy
F#m7                         Esus        D2
And nothing can keep us apart. 

Hm7                       A/C#
So remember Your people
D2                                 Esus
Remember Your children 
F#m7                  E                       D2
Remember Your promise Oh God. 

                  A             Esus
Your grace is enough 
F#m7             D2
Your grace is enough
A               Esus              D2
Your grace is enough for me.

Verse 2:
A                           A/C#               D2
Great is Your love and justice God 
F#m7                  Esus                      D2
You use the weakto lead the strong 
A                    A/C#                   D2
You lead us in the song of your salvation
F#m7                            Esus   D2
And all Your people sing along. 

(Repeat Pre-Chorus and Chorus)

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