First and Only

Артист: Elevation Worship
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A   E   F#m   D 
A   E   F#m   D 

           A E          F#m             D
Draw me again into the center of your love
           A E            F#m             D
Where I began I know that you are still enough
            A  E            F#m          D
Lord you restore all the desires of my heart
            A  E            F#m             D  
Just like before when I discovered who you are

           D   E
I need you more
           D         F#m E
I need you more than ever
           D   E
I need you more
         D   F#m   E
Jesus I need you more

Verse 2:
         A  E               F#m               D
I will abide, be still and know that you are God
             A  E              F#m           D
For you are mine, and in your presence I'm alive
              A  E               F#m          D
Here in this place, within your shadow I am safe
         A  E         F#m               D     
Every mistake fading into the light of grace

      E                             D         A
Be my heart's obsession, first and only in my life
        E             F#m      D      A
In your love alone my soul is satisfied


D   E   D  F#m  E

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