Here In Your Presence (Live)

Альбом: Your Name (Live)
Артист: LIFE Worship
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When the night lasts longer than the day
When my tears fall down like heavy rain
I hide myself in the shelter of Your presence
Here with You I have all I need

Here in Your presence, everything changes
Nothing compares, to all that You are, Jesus

Verse 2:
Should my heart grow tired in the battle
Should the road be longer than I thoughtIn
Your shadow I find life beyond all measureI cling to
You with all I am

Here in Your presence, everything changes
Nothing compares, to all that You are, Jesus
Here in Your presence, I’m never forsaken
Through seasons unknown, I’m never alone, Jesus

There’s nothing like Your presence
It makes the darkness flee and changes everything
I know, You are here with me
There’s nothing like Your presence
It sets the captives free and holds my victory
I know, You’re surrounding me

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