Lead Me

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         G                           D2
We have flooded the altar with our tears;
         G                            D2
We have wearied You, Lord, with our words. 
 G     A         D    A/C#      Hm7
Great God, our promises we've broken. 
   G2            A
O Lord, forgive me.

Verse 2:
         G                           D2
You are breaking the pride in our hearts;
          G                      D2
You have given us tears for the lost.
 G    A        D        A/C#  Hm7
You crown the humble with salvation.
    G2         A
O Lord, humble me.

    G          D2     Hm7        G
So lead me, Oh, lead me into Your arms; 
G          D            Hm7            G
I will be safe in the shadow of Your wing.
               D     Hm7         G
Lead me, Oh, lead me into Your arms;
           D        Hm7
I will be safe in Almighty.

Verse 3:
          G                           D2
You have paid back our sin with Your love;
        G                      D2
Love's arms You have offered to us.
G         A         D       A/C#    Hm7
Faithful One, raise up a faithful people
          G2                   A
Who will find their treasure there.

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