Life Redefined

Артист: Jake Hamilton
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D A D G/H D     

D                         G
I hear the spirit calling me, I'm ready to answer
A                       G
And I am laying down my pride, to hear the cry of your comfort
D                          G
I've felt your tug upon my heart, and it's setting me free now
A                          G
I can't deny your reckless love, so I'm bending my knee

D                  A                  G
I, I don't want to wake up, trying to make it through, lost and confused
D               G                  C
I don't want to survive, I want to live

D            G                     Hm    
You, You are life, life beyond the veil
Beyond what's safe and normal, what is possible
D             G                           Hm
You, You satisfy, You're more than just a fantasy, a phase
       A                               D
You're everything, You're life redefined

Verse 2:
D                             G
You are the love that finds a way, I cannot deny it
A                             G
I've tried to run and make my way, but I'm turning towards home now
D                         G
You are the wisdom that I need and the reason that I'm longing
A                               G
For more than just the American dream, I hear eternity calling

G              A                 D           D C#     Hm
 I'm laying it all down just for one glimpse of  Your face
              G                       A       
It's gonna be worth it, it's gonna be worth it  because

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