Sacred Obsession

Артист: Jake Hamilton
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D  A   G          D  A   G
D  Em    Hm    D  A   G
Hm          G            D             A
  I've been feeling this passion for a life
Hm      G               D         A
  And I think it's been growing inside
Hm          G           D          A
  I've been waiting for release and
Hm          G     D         A
  Now's the , now's the 

Verse 2:
Hm          G         D            A
  Revival's easy when heavens your focus
Hm            G              D          A
  And all the world has been waiting to see
Hm         G          D      A
  Now that freedom is coming
Hm           G   D          A
  Start with me, start with me

G                            A
Yes the Spirit and Bride say come Lord, come Lord

D                 A                     G
I have a sacred obsession with God
D      A        G             D        A                     G
And it won't go away now that I have a hold of Your heart, I won't let go
D        Em
I have a sacred obsession, yes
Hm                   D                       A            G
I have a sacred obsession with love, I'm in love, I'm in love

G             A            Hm        F#m       
What I desire I become, so You're what I desire Lord

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