Your Name (Live)

Альбом: Your Name (Live)
Артист: LIFE Worship
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Are you broken or ashamed, He’s calling
To the anxious or afraid
There’s only one, whose name is greater
Cast your burden to the ground, He’s calling
Heavy laden lay it down
There’s only one, whose name is greater

There is power, power, power in the name
Healing, freedom, peace I can’t explain
Mountains bow, walls come down at the name of Jesus
There is nothing greater, there is nothing greater than Your name

Verse 2:
Every chain that held me bound is broken
Sin and shame can’t hold me down
There’s only one; His name is Jesus
Death won’t have the final say, it’s finished
When the stone was rolled away
There’s only one; His name is Jesus

Your name, Your name
Nothing stronger, nothing greater
Your name, Your name
Nothing higher, move in power

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