You're Still Worthy (Live)

Альбом: Your Name (Live)
Артист: LIFE Worship
Прослушали: 216Скачали: 76
You part the seas, and split the waters, 
brought us to the promised land
A place of freedom without borders
You’re the fire that goes before us, 
you’re the light that leads us on
The light that leads us home. You are God, 
faithful through the ages

We lift You up, You are worthy of our praises
Great are You Lord, great is Your name, 
let every generation sing
Your praise, Your praise

You crossed the great divide in power, 
there’s no limit to Your love
You claimed us as Your sons and daughters
You tore the veil and poured out heaven
We can see Your kingdom come, 
we live to see Your kingdom come

After thousands of years of praise You’re still worthy, 
You’re still worthy
For a thousand yet to come, we will sing, we will sing

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