Darkest Before the Dawn

Артист: Jake Hamilton
Прослушали: 77Скачали: 36
E                                  A/E
I am seeker a finder, a redeemed reminder
E                                       C#m
Of all that's been given and lost
E                                                A/E
I have been weathered and beaten by each changing season
E                                                   C#m
Sometimes it's hard to see past the cost
E                                    A/E
I want to be near You, I know that You'll come through
E                                                      C#m
Even though I'm not sure what that means
E                                           A/E
I feel You are breathing, whispering and scheming
E                                                         A
There's something going on behind scenes

E                                                     D
I, I want to know, I want to know Your name
C#m                                       A
I'm living for Your glory and Your fame
E                                 D                                C#m
Circumstances can't move me, I am pressing on
                          A                                              E
I'm living for a brighter day, it's darkest before dawn

Verse 2:
When I can't seem to see You and I'm stumbling to find You
I'm confident that I am not alone
When heart feels like grieving and the enemy's deceiving
I draw on strength I know is not my own

My lifestyle is violent, my dreams are not silent
I'm grateful for Your touch but I want more
So I pray for a breakthrough, I'm not determined to find You
You're all I love and all that I adore

E                        A/E
Sing, nightingale, sing
E                        A/E
Hallelujah, Hallelujah

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