White flag

Артист: Jake Hamilton
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Verse 1:
You’re the only one who comes through
Your the only one who stays too / true
You tell me that Im worth the price you paid
So I give you all you gave me
Your the only one who’s worthy
The glory that you giving never fade
The glory that you give will never fade 

Verse 2:
So find me here im waiting on a fire fire
Your the only one that I desire desire
Im not going till I learn just to obey
Learn to how to follow, coz I trust you trust you
Knowing that its not about what I do, what I do
Quiet in my heart because I want hear everything you say 

G#m                        F# 
So I raise my white flag on
King Jesus you alone are the only one worthy
                                                                                      F#  G#m 
So I’m laying it down l laying it down l laying it down laying it down 

  G#m     F#         E
Ooo-oo Ooo-oo Ooo--oo Oooo

We don’t need another concert, we don’t need another show
We need to get your presence then we need to go

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